Saturday, 3 August 2013

Central Park Mall Jakarta

 Very clean public toilets
 We had lunch here
 Mr. Hans, the owner of a property consulting firm
 Took four plates of these thinly sliced beef
This morning after breakfast, I took a taxi to Central Park Mall in West Jakarta to explore this mall alone as my friend, Mr. Hans will only be meeting me at 1.00pm. The malls here opened at 10.00am and closes at 10.00pm. After a couple of hours of window shopping, I went back to the hotel to wait for Mr. Hans. He came and took me for lunch at Shabuya Japanese Restaurant which is located on Level 1 of Central Park Mall! This is a all-you-can-eat restaurant serving shabu-shabu but the two of us only managed to eat four plates of the thinly sliced beef and two plates of vegetables. Cost is approximately B$19-00 per person. 

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