Sunday, 26 May 2013

Journey to Pontianak

 My travelling companions, Dr. Larry & Zhou, a geologist
 The Governor's (of West Kalimantan) car 
At Dr. Larry's home in Pontianak
 Our driver, Rully
 Pelangi Hotel at Sekadau
On 26 May 2013, we took a plane from Jakarta to Pontianak on Garuda Indonesia, departing at 2.00pm and arriving at Pontianak at 3.30pm. The Governor of West Kalimantan was also on the same flight and as our Special Advisor, Dr. Larry is a friend of the Governor, we were invited to tea at the VIP Lounge at Pontianak Airport but unfortunately I was too shy to ask for a photo session. From the airport, we went to Dr. Larry's home for a brief stop and then proceeded by car (Toyota Avanza) to Sekadau, 250km away. The journey lasted 7 hours and 15 minutes (it took this long as the road condition is very bad with potholes everywhere!), arriving at Sekadau at 1.30am on 27 May 2013! At Sekadau, we stayed at the Pelangi Hotel (rate: Rp120,000 per room) which is very rundown and lacking in maintenance but then again, all hotels outside of Pontianak are more or less in that condition! We will be sleeping for only a few hours and will continue our journey to Semangguk early in the morning.

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