Sunday, 10 February 2013

What a Day!

My brother-in-law's residence in Sankhaburi
We finally arrived in Sankhaburi, (at 3.40pm) a small village about 150 km north of Bangkok after several setbacks! 
First, we couldn't find a Singapore registered taxi to ferry us from JB to Changi Airport at the Jalan Trus' taxi stand. Malaysian registered taxis cannot go to Changi Airport and  would cost us valuable time as we had to transit at Rochor Centre's taxi stand. We rushed to Larkin Bus terminal and had no choice but to take a pirate taxi to Changi Airport. 
We made it to the airport just in time for our 10.55am flight to Bangkok on AirAsia's FD2940 but here our second problem arise. A wheelchair I booked online two weeks ago for my 78 year old mother-in-law (who had walking difficulty) was not reflected in their system! Prior to our departure from Brunei, I checked at AA's Brunei office on the status of the wheelchair but was assured that they are "plenty" of wheelchairs at Changi Airport; all I had to do was ask and pay for it at the check-in counter. Imagine my disappointment on being informed that there was only one "uncle" handling these wheelchairs and he's handling another request at the arrival hall. The staff handling our check-in finally agreed to get the wheelchair (rather reluctantly) and do it himself but left my mother-in-law at the holding room and left saying he's "busy". I do not mind paying the S$20-00 for the wheelchair but leaving the old lady to walk the length of the aerobridge to the plane is unacceptable! 

My mother-in-law taking the slow walk to the plane
Somehow, my mother-in-law managed to endure the slow walk to the plane but fortunately we had a totally different experience at Don Mueang International Airport where the AA staff was already waiting at the plane when we landed. He even came by a couple of times to check on us as our driver was waiting for us at the wrong airport! Another hour's delay!
At Dong Mueang International Airport, my daughter vomited several times and I had hiccup the whole day! My wife also accidentally spilled coffee on her shorts. As if that was not enough, we found out that my mother-in-law had forgotten to pack her medications! 

My wife spilled coffee on her shorts!
What a day to start  the Year of the Snake! Hopefully, all the bad luck ends today!

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