Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Monkey Temple @ Sankhaburi

 Adding more $$$ to the money tree!
 Offerings to the monks
 Wild boars & monkeys are protected species on the temple grounds
 Felicia feeding the monkeys
This is the second time I've visited this temple, the first being many years ago. It is also within walking distance from where I was staying but we have to use the pick-up to transport the offerings (3 pig heads) to the temple. In Thailand, Thais prayed to Buddha but in this temple, it is the dead monks that have diety status that they worshipped. Our purpose today is for the Gods to witness our adoption of our Thai godsons and my brother-in-law's adoption of my daughter, Felicia, as his god-daughter. After the prayers, we will have a small gathering with some of the villagers back home for a BBQ and drinks!  

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