Monday, 19 December 2011

ZhuHai (19 December 2011)

Normally, we would take a ferry from FuYong Ferry Terminal (in Shenzhen) to Macau but today we're trying a different route. We'll be taking a limousine from Guangzhou to ZhuHai where you will only need to walk across a bridge to reach Macau. This way, we can take our own sweet time without the hassle of rushing to catch a scheduled ferry. We left the hotel at 12.30pm and reached ZhuHai around 2.45pm. We had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in ZhuHai before walking about 100 metres to GongBei Port, where we exited China and walk across to Macau Immigration, a mere 20 metres away! Once outside the Macau Immigration, complimentary shuttle buses to the respective hotels and casinos are readily available. As we were staying at the Hotel Okura, we hopped onto the Galaxy Macau's shuttle for our trip to the hotel. Be very cautious when you are in GongBei Port as there are lot of touts offering transportation, currency exchange and visa applications (services which you don't need at all!).

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