Sunday, 2 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivienne!

BBQ gizzards
Elis, Titik & Chloe 
I had quite a busy schedule this morning; at 9.30am I attended a colleague's birthday & BBQ (Happy Birthday, Vivienne!) at Muara Beach and after that I rushed off to Pusat Ehsan's 6th Charity Bazaar at Kg. Bengkurong at 11.00am. I haven't been to Muara Beach for quite awhile and the first thing I noticed was that the place was very well planned out with individual pavilions and paved walkways. Numbers on the pavilions also make searches easier for friends  who arrive later. Huge rubbish bins are provided at each pavilion and the park certainly looks clean. There's even a public toilet (I couldn't remember if there were any public toilets when I last visited many years ago!) and also tap water for the convenience of the public. It is advisable to go early to "grap" a pavilion as there are many people who goes to Muara Beach for a "family day" especially on Sundays! 

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