Saturday, 21 February 2015

Royal Sankampaeng Hot Springs

The public foot bath
My godson, Jacky, peeling away at the quail egg
Here you can hang the eggs (in a straw basket) onto the hooks on the edge of the pond to cook the eggs
 This sign indicates how long you should cook your eggs
Today, we visited the Royal Sankampaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai. Getting there wasn't much of a problem as we hired a commuter van from Sankhaburi complete with a driver for three days. The van costs us THB2,000 per day excluding fuel. The entrance fee to the hot springs is THB100 per person and we also bought some quail eggs to be boiled later at the hot springs. There were numerous souvenir shops and Thai massage centres in the vicinity of the hot springs itself. We only soaked our feet in the public foot bath which was free! But I can certainly attest to the benefits of this hot springs as the mosquito bite on my foot felt much better after the foot bath!

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