Saturday, 3 January 2015

1950 Bond Street Cafe (峰粥)

The husband & wife team from Hong Kong, owners of the cafe
The first floor
Steamed 7 Star Garoupa
Kampong Chicken
Black Pepper Crabs
Tiger Prawns
Don't try googling for this cafe, you'll never find it; in fact, it's not even open yet! The owner is James' niece, Ada & her husband, and last night they entertained us at their cafe which will be opening soon (waiting for the approval of the business licence from Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu). Ah Fong (Ada's husband) has a passion for cooking and that night, he showed off his culinary skills, whipping up excellent dishes for us to enjoy. The cafe is located along Gaya Street, occupying one and a half shop lots. The ground floor of one shop lot is occupied by Ada's local partner who is a travel agent. In case you're wondering why they named their cafe "1950 Bond Street Cafe"; it's because Gaya Street used to be known as Bond Street and this street was rebuilt in 1950! We are looking forward to the cafe's opening and we'll definitely come back for more great food!

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