Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ho Chi Minh City (12-15 November 2014)

The streets around A&EM Hotel
Supper on the 1st night (can't remember the name of this restaurant which is near A&EM Hotel)
 Moon Hue Restaurant (near A&EM Hotel)
Traditional Broken Rice Restaurant (near A&EM Hotel)
Cuc Gach Quan (home style) Restaurant; we took a taxi to get there
This is the first time I visited Vietnam and this trip was planned last April before Royal Brunei Airlines (BI) resumes its direct flight to Ho Chi Minh City (HCM)! James and I flew to Singapore by BI (12 November) and then to HCM on Jetstar. Another friend, Mr. Chong joined us on 13 November and returned to Brunei on 16 November via BI's direct flight. However, my return sector (15 November) on Jetstar was delayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes giving us less time to catch the connecting flight back to Brunei. Just before landing at Changi Airport, we moved to the first row so that we can exit the plane first. It was such a rush but I managed to do a little shopping before boarding the plane back to Brunei. I was the last passenger to board and they even announced my name over the PA system. I'm so glad I made it! 
Currency exchange: It's advisable to bring Singapore Dollars to Vietnam as it commands a better rate than Brunei Dollars. The exchange rate in Vietnam is SGD1 = VND16,500+ which is better than the rate offered at Changi Airport (SGD1 = VND14,500+). 

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