Monday, 1 April 2013

Seaworld Neptune Restaurant & Catering

My favourite oversize clams!
Located just behind the Jerudong fish market and where all the fishing boats are berthed lies this seafood restaurant called "Seaworld Neptune Restaurant & Catering". I've been told that it has been operating for quite a number of years and I only came to know of its existence (I'm rather embarrassed!) only yesterday and through a foreigner as well! It's concept is rather similar to the numerous seafood restaurants scattered throughout Kota Kinabalu which emphasize on live seafood which you can select from the aquariums outside the restaurants. Business was brisk as a bus load of tourists were also having their dinner there last night. It would be perfect if I could bring a bottle of red wine to go with my food. However, drinking in public is strictly prohibited in Brunei. For seafood lovers, this is one  place not to be missed.

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