Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dumbo Portuguese Restaurant (小飞象)

 Han Chiok
Dumbo Portuguese Restaurant (小飞象) is situated a short distance from Cunha Bazaar where you can buy Macau's famous biscuits, pastries and grilled meat, not to mention the numerous restaurants around this area. This restaurant is located on the first floor and the entrance to the restaurant is located on the left side of the building. We were lucky to get a table as the restaurant was packed last Saturday when we were there. Overall, the food was nice, especially the pork chop. We ordered a  bottle of Portuguese "Mateus Rose" wine to go with our meal and that was good! The Chinese name for this restaurant is "little flying elephant" and is not related to the name "Dumbo" at all so I did a bit of digging and guess what; "Dumbo" is the name of Walt Disney's animated film released in 1941 featuring (you guessed it!) a flying elephant! 

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