Thursday, 8 March 2012

Appreciation Dinner for CNY Organizing Committee

 Next year's OC & co-OC!
Job well done!
 Jenny, our most hard-working member!
Last night, the Organizing Chairman of PWM CNY Gala Dinner 2012, Mr. James Lee, hosted an "Appreciation Dinner" for the organizing committee at Vanda Restaurant, Orchid Garden Hotel (OGH). Sixteen members turned up despite the heavy traffic congestion (and drizzle!) and I almost gave up after going in circles for almost an hour! Unfortunately, four of our ex-cos couldn't make it (in fact Raja & Caroline were there but couldn't find any parking!). I finally managed to park my car next to the rubbish dump of OGH! Every inch of available space along the roadsides were filled up. Why? Because Brunei's U-21 football team was playing Myanmar in the semi-final of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy at the National Stadium which is a stone's throw away from OGH (Brunei won 3-1 and will face Indonesia in the final). Even DST's network was down last night as I couldn't contact any of my friends to inform them that I'll be late! But all these temporary setbacks were quickly forgotten as everyone of us enjoyed the sumptous dinner prepared by the chefs of OGH. Our compliments to the chefs!

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