Sunday, 12 February 2012

Carlmelo's Birthday @ Serasa Beach

 The birthday boy, Carlmelo
 "Licence to Grill" team
 Flea market (only on Sundays)
This morning, I attended a colleague's birthday which was being held at the Serasa Beach, a good half an hour's drive from Bandar Seri Begawan. I haven't been to Serasa Beach for many years and the place has been spruced up with pavilions and B-B-Q pits for the convenience of the public. As it was a Sunday, be prepared to go early to "book" the pavilion as many Bruneian families tend to go to the beach for family days. There's even a "flea market" where you can buy inexpensive and used products (clothes, CDs, shoes, pets, hammocks, food, drinks, etc) from tents pitched along the stretch of road running along the beach. I think they do not require a licence to do business here!

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