Thursday, 22 September 2011

V Hotel Lavender Singapore

 The 24 hours "Kopitian"
During my last trip to Singapore, I stayed at the V Hotel Lavender Singapore, a 4-star hotel with 888 rooms located directly above the Lavender MRT Station. The room rates are reasonable, ranging from S$150 onwards (not many hotels in Singapore offer S$150 rates except budget hotels). Don't expect spacious rooms or bathrooms for these rates but still its rooms are bigger than those of budget hotels. The furnishing is quite modest and simple with all the table tops (dressing table, night table & the shelf along the window) made of granite which is very durable. It even has a huge swimming pool, a qymnasium and a restaurant on the 4th floor. The floor of the rooms are tiled and so are the common corridors which I believe is easier to maintain and cleaner than using carpet. Opened 4 months ago, I find its location quite convenient as there are many shops above the MRT station next to the hotel and its not far from Marina Bay Sands (only S$5.40 by taxi)! 

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