Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Around the World in 60 Minutes!

"Around the World in 60 Minutes" was the main "attraction" at the recently concluded Consumer Fair Part 6, organized by Sunlit Advertising Sdn Bhd. It was held at the Bridex Hall in Jerudong from 29th July to 1st August 2010. Judging from the numerous posts on Facebook, ATW in 60 minutes must be the "most photographed attraction" last week. On the last day of the Fair which was a Sunday, James came over to my office and picked me up to watch "Salt" (a spy movie starring Angelina Jolie) at the Empire Cinema with his two nieces (Sarah & Sharon) and since we had an hour to kill before the movie, we decided to drop in a the Consumer Fair which was five minutes away by car. It was more like  "Around the World in 10 Minutes" and before we knew it, we were seated comfortably at the cinema watching "Salt"!

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